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Save the dates

Engagement photos are all done and what a blast we had!  Now it's time we design your customized save the dates!


The Photo  

The first step is picking the photo you would love to feature!  Can't pick just one?  That's okay!  We can design several!

Some tips for choosing which photo to use. 

  1. extra room - is there an odd amount of sky on top?  Yep, I did that on purpose!  It's the perfect spot for text!  

  2. off centered - You two are featured on one side, and the text is on the other side

  3. close up - Print can go over the entire photo and still look amazing

  4. Multi-photo designs are a huge hit!  Just choose photos that are different from one another.  You don't want 3 kissing photos.  Do 1 close up, 1 looking at each other, and 1 full body.  Etc

So choose your favorite!  You can send them to me by screenshotting them and then send them to me in an e-mail.

OR!  You can "favorite" them in your online gallery!  Just click the photo.  Then click the + sign on the top of the screen.  and then select favorite.  Let me know when you do this!  I can see the photos you picked, but I don't get notified that you did it.

The Design

  1. Let me be creative or

  2. I'm not opposed to copying something you saw off of or etsy.  send me designs you love

  3. Check out the designs below for examples

  4. Design time can take about 1 week

  5. Once we land on a design that you absolutely love, then it's time to print!  


You're welcome to use a print lab of your own. 

OR we can print at my professional lab where I can guarantee color and quality!
They are usually under 1$ per card and come with white envelopes.  


you can even upgrade envelope colors and/or have your return address printed as well

If you want to use my printer just let me know how many cards you will need!  (don't forget these are per household not per person ;)

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