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WELCOME to the zillion questions portion of my page.  LOL. A ton of this information is in my welcome packet I send out once you book with me, but sometimes you need to know before right!?  So i like to lay it all out there and let you make the decision based on what fits your needs.


It's not only important to know what you're getting from your photographer. but who they are as a person too.  This is your big day, and I am going to be right next you.  You want to work with someone who you click with and can allow into your personal space. So lets meet and chat instead about all of this! 



































First thing first.

I don’t see any hourly rates?  What are they? Well, I do not charge anything by the hour.  Why!? Because selling you an hourly package is not the way I do business.  I personally love to tell stories with my photographs. And I can’t tell the whole story unless I am there to capture it! -  This is within reason. I will come to the salon towards the end of you getting ready, and will likely leave after all of the important events of the reception happen.   We get some good party photos too don't worry. 2 reasons I stay around longer - a killer exit with sparklers! OR to sneak away for sunset photos. Okay fine, 3 reasons, feed me Titos and I’ll be there all night ;)


Have you ever shot at our venue before?  More than likely YES!  However, if I haven't, I have likely scout it out before your big day so i know of some great places we can get stunning photos.


Do you carry extra equipment?  Yes.  Nothing too crazy!  I can handle it all by myself.


What about lighting?  I LOVE natural lighting - but of course, I know how to use artificial light to make sure your photos are bright and light.  Or if you don't mind the grain, we can do no flash and go for ambient lighting. Your call!


Would you recommend or follow a shot list? I have a list of shots in my head I know every bride and groom want.  So technically yes. However, when it comes to family formals, we will sit down before the big day and write out every single person that is supposed to be in which family formal.  This way you have a list to give to everyone so they know where to be and when. And I have a list so we can make it happen as fast as possible so we can get to the fun stuff!

SIDENOTE -  I will highly recommend at least 1 hour with a 2 photographer package between ceremony and reception for the creative photo session.  OR the two of you have a first look.  but I always recommend a first look anyways - ask me and I'll tell you why!  


I like your packages, but can we change things or any flexibility here?   If you tell me what you want and need, I can create a custom package just for you two!


How soon would an engagement session take place? Any restrictions on location?

They can happen as soon as both of our schedules allow for it!  Again I don't have any hourly restrictions or location restrictions.  I have an ever-growing list of locations I have shot at, so if you need help picking a place, just please ask!

An engagement session anywhere in the USA!  What does that look like!?


We already had our engagement photos taken, can we get a discount?  That’s wonderful!  My packages are all-inclusive, however,  we can do an Anniversary Session in place of it.


Do you have a travel fee?  Yes, for anything more than 50 miles away from Eldridge, Iowa.  Typically includes airfare and hotel stay in your block of rooms.


Do you do destination weddings?  ABSo-frickin-LUTELY  I LOVE to travel!!  You want the GOLD package - it includes all travel fees!!

Can we order prints or albums directly from you which are not included in the package?  You receive an Online Album which is directly linked to my professional printing lab.  You will own the rights to print elsewhere. However, I can not guarantee the quality of these prints.  I only recommend for best quality.


What would be the typical time frame to receive images? Instant sneak peek within 24 hours.    Full album. Within 2 months.


Do you deliver every image you shoot?  Basically, YES!  I am a shoot and share photographer.  Some photographers only show you THEIR favorites.  Not me. I like to give them all to you, so you can choose.  Unless you’re blinking - those you won’t see ;) 


How soon could we work out a contract?  Once you tell me you want to book with me, the date is yours!  We will sign the contract and collect a deposit at the engagement session.


Do you do a deposit?  How much? Due dates and time frames for the deposit and total investment?  Deposit is $550.  Due at the engagement session.  You can make payments at any time. Total investment due 30 days prior to the big day. 

there is a 3% Fee added onto credit card payments.  bank transfers, checks, cash, venmo are fee free


What is your cancellation policy?  I hope you don't cancel but in the case you do, I will keep the deposit for the engagement session, and return any other payments that have been made.


Would you use our shots on social media? Can we review them before they are used?  Yes, I will use them on social media, and for other marketing materials.  You can certainly review them first! If you wish to have a non-disclosure where I am unable to use the photos for marketing, there will be an extra fee.


Can other people take photos at our wedding?  It is your day!  And I say the more photos the better.  I do however recommend having an unplugged ceremony.  This allows your guests to be in the moment with you. I’ll be capturing it from every angle so you won’t miss out on stunning photos.  My Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob are photographers, what about them?  I say go for it!  Just as long as it doesn’t interfere with my work they are welcome to snap away.


How long do you keep our photos?  As long as my external hard drive lives, I will have them.  BUT the best news is once they are uploaded to the online gallery, they are backed up into the cloud for 10 years. And you can purchase more!


I have more questions - can we meet and chat?  YES PLEASE! I love to meet at Starbucks because free wi-fi and coffee is life!  Let’s set up a date!

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