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Timeline meeting

Timeline meeting -What is this meeting about!?  Great question!  

This is where we get to sit down together and talk about how you envision your wedding day!  The specific photos you absolutely want, locations for everything, and the overall schedule for the day! I’ve been to a LOT of weddings and have lots of helpful tips on how the day usually flows best, but each timeline is made specifically to your day.  

We will use your ceremony time as a starting point, and work our way backward. Making a list of all of the events that need to happen before and after the ceremony and then schedule everything accordingly.  If you have a wedding planner doing this for you already, that's great!  We will just dive into the photo part of the day then, and not the schedule.  


Here are my tips on how to prepare for this meeting. 

Chat with your vendors or your hubby to be about the following! 

First look Do you want to have a special moment together, before the rest of the day gets crazy!?  I highly recommend it.  ESPECIALLY if you do not have a lot of time in-between ceremony and reception to take photos together!   that and it really helps ease any anxiety you might have.

Hair and Makeup - ask your stylists before the meeting what time you will be done by.  It’s typical for 90 mins per person for hair and makeup. They will help you do the math on your start time based on the number of people in your party, and the number of stylists.  Don’t be afraid to tell them what time you NEED to be done by either.  


Ask your parents!  Yep - we want to make sure they get the photos they want too.  90% of couples have their weddings paid for by their parents, so let’s make sure we give a little back to them.  It’s not often mom and dad have the family together and dressed nicely! It only takes a few mins to snap a photo of everyone if mom/dad wants!


Discuss family formals These are the photos usually at the altar after the ceremony with family and bridal party.   How extended into the family are we going. Imidate family only or cousins aunts uncles etc.  


Discuss Transportation  How is everyone getting from salon to church?  Church to photos. Photos to reception etc.  

Discuss Receiving Line  When do you want to greet your guests?  After the ceremony, you can release the rows and hug everyone then.  Or at the reception.  If you choose after the ceremony we just need to scheudle in the time!  

Let me know what details are unique to your wedding!  I want to make sure I capture the things you treasure most about your day!


Other things to think about


We will go by the times listed on your invites.  I know its tempting to give people more time to show up to the party, but if you put down 6 pm reception, then that’s what time you will do your entrance! (ideally)  


Don’t forget to feed your bridal party, especially the kids!  A heavy breakfast or light lunch while we are waiting to walk down the aisle.  they are likely going to be drinking and dancing with you on the dance floor later so let’s make sure they have the energy to go all night!   So lets put eating time on the timeline! 


Think of the kids - Do you have a lot of children in the bridal party or at the wedding!?  Naptime is sometimes a must. Let me know if we need to schedule one in! 


If you would like to get a head start, you can fill out this form now, or we can do it together at the meeting.  It is a list of vendors used to make your big day complete :)


At the end of this meeting, you will have a timeline that looks something like the photos below!  PLEASE send this to everyone in your wedding!

Bridal party, parents, vendors, everyone should know the plan for the day:)



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I CAN'T WAIT to see you again and plan out your big day!!


XOXO - Jess  

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